Vladimir Jones helps Colorado earn a spot on Amazon’s short list

It’s Friday, Sept. 22, 2017. We get a call from the Metro EDC. They say they’ve been working hard to put together Colorado’s response to the RFP for Amazon’s second headquarters. But to win, they need something extra.

So in less than a month, Vladimir Jones made impossible possible. We named and designed a whole new statewide brand: Colorado Loves. We worked with Lumenati to create dozens of videos with celebrities, from Von Miller to John Hickenlooper. We partnered with Crow & Raven to build a campaign hub. We ghostwrote emails. We scripted social posts. We negotiated free media.

Today, we got the news Amazon has recognized this effort by short-listing Denver. Out of 238 applicants, only 20 made the cut.

Congrats to the team. And a huge thanks to the clients who guided us. If you want to see the work and keep up the momentum, go to Colorado Loves Amazon.

Vladimir Jones

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Vladimir Jones