VJ Co-hosts “Meet the Press” – Reporting the NEWS and Reaching Across the Generations

When Leadership Pikes Peak was looking for a unique venue to hold their annual “Meet the Press” event, VJ’s media team jumped at the opportunity. “The evolving media habits of consumers is one of the most interesting parts of our work, and it was fun to limit the conversation strictly to news content,” stated Jon Bross, media director at Vladimir Jones. With the co-host, The Gazette General Manager Brad Howard and The Gazette, the event drew a full house of engaged community leaders. Through events and programs, Leadership Pikes Peak provides leadership development for experienced professionals, young professionals, women and teens.DSC00161

The discussion panel included some of Colorado Springs’ top news professionals representing all mediums (TV, radio, print, digital). In attendance were Carrie Simison from The Colorado Springs Independent, Joanna Bean from The Gazette, Liz Haltiwanger from KKTV and Andrea Chalfin from KRCC. Jon Bross moderated the discussion.

How are social and mobile developments impacting current news channels?

“Radio reporters never used to have to take pictures…” chuckled Andrea. The panel was in agreement that content dissemination has certainly adapted to the platform, and will continue to do so. Consumer appetite and our ability to gather more news, faster, also makes excellent use of the raw news content or “extras” that consumers like to find through digital mediums. With a single news source now having several avenues of dissemination, we’re seeing more timely reporting in mobile/web/blog and increased development in the platforms that allow for greater lead time. “You’re getting a play-by-play…we want to get you the info as it’s happening,” added

Speed vs. Accuracy: How to balance the varying generational demands in regard to social media reporting?

People are seeking news faster, as well expecting news to be delivered faster. “We apply the same journalistic standards and fact-checking procedure now, in this new media landscape, that we have for generations,” stated Joanna. All panelists spoke of the importance of social media protocol, as well as how the fact-checking process has evolved to be more thorough in recent years.

How are news organizations taking into consideration the generational difference of audiences when translating stories across different platforms?

“Every story must be immediately adapted for each platform,” commented Liz. The 24-hour news cycle has increased workload, and also often requires news dissemination on a digital platform in advance of traditional media and its otherwise “fixed” deadlines. “There is a danger in assuming everyone on Twitter is 18,” added Joanna. Despite the number of emerging platforms that may be appropriate for news content, operating in all of them isn’t appropriate, or feasible. “While we study each new platform, we don’t embrace them until they reach critical mass,” added Carrie.

The audience continued to engage the panel with questions about the speed of evolution in our news, content and marketing technology. This event undoubtedly spurred ideas for future panel content.

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