Random Reveal: Orlando Escobar

By Jim Morrissey, Executive Creative Director

Meet Orlando Escobar, our IT manager and super awesome technical problem solver extraordinaire. Not to get technical or anything. Learn more about how he contributes to our agency team in this Random Reveal.

It’s a sunny, not-cold, weekend afternoon in December in Colorado. Where are you?

Having crêpes with a warm apple cider outside in Manitou Springs.

What did your 5-year-old self aspire to be when you grew up?

An inventor.

And how does that relate to what you do now?

I use technology to find better ways to improve our work life. I’m still coming up with ways to make things better, get things to work, make ideas happen.

Describe how you power up for a big day—at work or otherwise.

Start with a mile or two-mile bicycle ride while I listen to fast beat music, have a quick light breakfast, listen to my power playlist on the way in, then take five minutes of silence to gather myself before going for it.

My most controversial (nonpolitical) opinion is…

Pineapple goes on everything, even pizza.

I really wish that people would just…

Be themselves always.

Who else wants to live a day in the life of Orlando Escobar? More crêpes, cycling, pineapple and honest self-expression could do us all a world of good. Learn more about our agency team.

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