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Sizzler gets their sizzle back

Sizzler restaurants haven’t had much impact on popular culture since the 90s. But that all changed when The Internet found and spread one of their videos that was produced in 1991. It was a moment that reminded Sizzler and the world of their past, and let the Internet have a laugh and a smile.


Like most videos that the Internet uncovers, those shoulder pads and bad hairstyles were a bit embarrassing. But when the video became that week’s online sensation, Sizzler decided to embrace their past and thank the Internet for their popularity by laughing along with the ‘joke.’


They thanked The Internet by taking the funniest parts of the viral video and updating them into a modern medium -- GIFs Strategically launched on Throwback Thursday, Sizzler offered a new twist on the GIF with The 1991 GIF Certificates. The GIF Certificates were actual coupons taken from the video that was making the rounds on Buzzfeed, Huffington Post and Good Morning America. Sizzler’s 1991 Gif Certificates celebrated the 90s look, feel and prices of the viral video by offering anyone a meal for two at Sizzler for 1991 prices -- $19.91.

Welcome back Sizzler

Sizzler’s rapid and appropriate response matched the pace and nature of the digital and social landscape. They showed that they had a sense of humor while at the same time getting the country to start coming back and remembering how great their food is. All of this done in real time around a conversation about a video that Sizzler thought the world would never see again.