Integrated Campaign

Royal Gorge Bridge & Park invites you to Come Across

Turning a what into a why

Chances are if you’ve explored Colorado, you know about the Royal Gorge Bridge & Park. It’s a historic landmark that’s been around forever. The problem? In a state where beauty is commonplace, we needed to remind people why this was a special place, and get them to experience it for themselves. Because no one experiences it the same.

Defining the emotion behind the experience

Since there’s so much to do at the bridge, it would’ve been easy to showcase each of the activities. But we were going for something greater. We wanted to give the bridge a purpose that transcends all activities. We wanted people to discover something more – something about themselves, their friends, family, surroundings. So we invited them to do one simple thing – to come across. And we promised them they’d find something amazing.

Coming across a new Colorado icon

To increase awareness and drive sales, we created print, display, OOH and TV ads with this invitation as the main message. And to get people to engage, follow along and drive curiosity, we created the Artist Content Series, where we asked three Colorado-based artists to come out to the bridge and create works of art inspired by their experience. The results? Well, we’ll let them speak for themselves.

The discoveries continue

Turns out people are curious. Very curious. In just the first few months of its launch, the campaign is already hitting big numbers. It’s driven nearly 4,000 sessions to the site – 78% of which are new users. Plus, it’s delivered over 6 million impressions.