Integrated Campaign

Finding the one: marrying Millennial quirks with the perfect engagement ring.

Forging a new path

When it comes to most things, Millennials don’t want to follow in the footsteps of their parents. But engagement is one tradition they’re holding on to. And they want to do it in their own one-of-a-kind way. But the engagement ring ads in the market all look the same, with zoomed-in photos of rings and traditional cheesy couples. So to get noticed, Hyde Park Jewelers had to do what Millennials do – forge their own path.

Engaging Millennials

So we created the Find the One campaign, made up of messages and images that speak to our Millennial audience. We traded photos of rings for photos of Millennial hobbies. And we put a twist on traditional proposal language by inserting Millennial quirks that they could relate to. We spread the word that no matter who you are, Hyde Park Jewelers has the ring you’re looking for. By acknowledging our audience, we grabbed their attention, spoke their language, and encouraged them to find the one ring that fit their love.

Marry my _____?

To really get the word out to Millennials, we advertised the Find the One campaign in local Millennial-frequent locations, with bar coasters, coffee sleeves, and a beer pong booth at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Plus, we reached out with cinema, digital banners, Pandora radio, native content and a brand-new landing page designed specifically for the campaign. We even created The Ringman, a character on social media, who dishes out advice on finding the perfect ring.

They said yes!

The Find the One Hyde Park Jewelers campaign gave the engagement ring market something they’d never seen before: ads that celebrated the quirks and love of the Millennial audience. And they listened. The Hyde Park Jewelers booth and beer pong interactions at the Great American Beer Festival led to 1,222 entries and emails and the campaign gained thousands of impressions. Hyde Park Jewelers told Colorado Millennials that they appreciate and acknowledge how they define their love. And that they have the perfect ring to match it, too.