Step into a natural masterpiece

At The Club at Garden of the Gods, members can golf in the crisp mountain air, smell hints of lavender in a world-class spa, and taste a roasted poblano pepper all in the company of Colorado-famous sunshine and scenery. But no one ad could really share or do justice to all these sensory feelings – or could it?

A brush of laughter, a sigh of vanilla

We realized that even though we couldn’t drop potential members into The Club experience, we could take them there with their imagination. By weaving together dreamy, watercolor-style photography of The Club and rich, poetic language around the one-of-a-kind moments, we drew people in by their senses and made them curious for more.

Leave no sense unturned

Through a multimedia platform including full-page print, social media, digital, online video and Pandora, we led people to a teaser landing page where people could learn even more about membership. We created the Science Behind the Senses content series of the unique ways your mind, body and spirit actually feel during these everyday, special moments at The Club. And our Pandora spot appealed specifically to the sense of hearing, as we recorded actual luxurious sounds at The Club. We let potential members and everyone know just what their senses could be feeling only here at The Club at Garden of the Gods.