Integrated Campaign

Colorado Springs Utilities, Change The Current

A City of Game Changers

Colorado Springs isn’t known for staying in the flow or settling for the status quo. The city is full of people who continuously better their community with new businesses, visionary ideas and unprecedented achievements.

And that’s what makes Colorado Springs Utilities so unique. They’re not just a faceless company with no connection to their customers. They live, work and play in the city they serve. They breathe the same air. They’re filled with and inspired by that classic Colorado Springs pride and drive.

But no one wants to hear from their utilities company. So we needed a mission everyone could connect with and rally around, an exciting way to show that Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities are one and the same.

Creating a Movement

So, we tapped into the spirit of Colorado Springs and created a movement. We celebrated the people improving their community and its future, the people who Change the Current. We talked to business owners and city leaders who best exemplified the innovative mindset the city is famous for. And we let them tell their stories of creative ingenuity and inspiring efficiency. From Air Force cadets to tiny houses to an elementary school turned brewery, each story represented and resonated with Colorado Springs.

Our videos combined motion and photography, capturing the sounds, details and personalities that drive change. We also created display banners, social media posts and print that highlighted the energy humming at the heart of the city. Our radio spots utilized sounds captured from the video shoots, reflecting the soundtrack of change in an authentic way. We even made Change the Current T-shirts so that Colorado Springs Utilities employees could feel pride in their part in the movement.

A Bright Future

All Change the Current creative led to the new campaign landing page, where citizens could take a pledge to make small changes to better their community and save money too. Free LED light bulbs were sent to every person who took the pledge. Through the new landing page, we could track site visits and measure activity by pledge sign-ups.

Change the Current put the residents in the spotlight and gave credit to the people of Colorado Springs Utilities itself. Win-win.

In the first three weeks of the campaign’s launch, we hit 50 percent of their total annual goal for pledge sign-ups. And the numbers continue to grow.