Integrated Campaign

Pioneering A New Way to Advertise Health Care

So Not Same Old, Same Old

Centura Health is not health care as usual. They’re at the forefront of medicine and have been for generations. But awareness of Centura Health’s leading-edge, patient-centric care was getting lost in the sea of homogenous health care advertising.

Howdy There!

So, we created the Centura Health Pioneer: a Pioneer guy straight from the 1800s, here in the modern day to tell folks about all the ways Centura Health pioneers health care, just as they did back in his day. The Pioneer is special because he differentiates Centura Health by being a funny and charming character in what is usually a serious health care advertising landscape. Plus, he connects with consumers on a personal level.

Television Production


Television Production


Television Production

Healthy You

Guerrilla Marketing

Cardiac Crooners

Giving Centura Health A Friendly (Pioneer) Face

The Pioneer has shown up in TV, print, radio, OOH, social and digital media, making comments about Centura Health’s newfangled health care from the clingy pants in Zumba class to the whirly-gig iron birds we call medical transport helicopters. And all along the way, the Pioneer has done something rarely seen in health care advertising: he’s made people smile and laugh. And he’s spread awareness that Centura Health is pioneering health care for everyone across Colorado and western Kansas.