Integrated Campaign

Centura Health, Emergency and Urgent Care

When a bad situation becomes worse

It can be tough to figure out. And all too easy to choose wrong. That’s why Centura Health teamed up to create a revolutionary new health care model – a combined Emergency & Urgent Care Center. These centers tell you exactly the type of care you need. Which means no more guessing, wondering or hoping for the best. Since this is a new concept to the health care world, we needed to clearly explain what these centers do – and make it something worth watching.

Bring on the Geese

And to do that, all we needed to do was train a goose…   And get it to attack a guy. And get the guy to injure himself. Which we did. Then we paired it with another spot with moms and kids in mind. The videos were just the beginning. We rounded out this campaign with contextually relevant out of home and print executions pointing out the potential dangers in everyday life. (Do you know how many germs there are on the light rail? Trust us, it’s a lot.) And other situations where maybe, just maybe, you’d need to come to one of these facilities.

Now you and everyone else knows

Within months, the campaign received over 84 million impressions and launched seven new locations – all of which saw steadily increasing patient volumes. We’re sincerely sorry if any of those patients suffered from a goose attack. Or caught a virus on their commute. Or had an unfortunate run-in with superglue. But at least now they know where to go to get back to health.