Integrated Campaign

Parenting can be downright terrifying

Because new parents are newborns too

No matter where you come from it’s pretty scary to be a new parent. And it doesn’t help that new parents have either their heartstrings pulled or their socks scared off with fear tactics, endless conflicting studies, and old wives’ tales. Making for a cluttered space that is avoided like a dirty diaper.

It’s time to get Fearless

The sameness around family-focused nonprofit work gave us a huge opportunity to be different, authentic and honest. We connected with parents on an emotional, straightforward level, by giving them permission to be naïve and to maybe even laugh at themselves. All while we empowered them to be great every step of the way.

Put yourself in their booties

Through a robust cross-platform campaign including social media marketing, video advertising, and display media, we connected with parents in a genuine way and created a rallying cry for an entire community that spans all demographics, cultures and socio-economic stratospheres. While letting everyone know that parenting relief is only a text away.