Integrated Campaign

Bestway Disposal, Giving Garbage a Good Name

Let’s Talk Trash (and Recycling)

Bestway Disposal, the leader of waste collection and recycling for the Colorado Springs area, is not your average trash company. They’re seriously dedicated to providing high-quality customer service and turning old into new. These two pillars of positivity have given them a long-standing, popular reputation about town as they continue to better the Colorado Springs community. So, to sign up new customers, we had to show how Bestway Disposal truly lives their responsible and recycling philosophy while at the same time mixing in their famous, friendly personality.

Walking The Walk

So we put our money where our mouth is with a new campaign: Giving Garbage a Good Name, a clever and honest statement about their incredible, neighborly service, which is rarely seen or noticed in the trash company industry. We designed creative that acted as a proof point of their passion for recycling – no matter the media, every piece turned old into new. Our billboards highlighted key words mosaicked with recycled materials like bottles, cans, coffee cups and plastic utensils. Our three radio spots also used recycling in new and interesting ways. One spot wove together words and phrases from other radio commercials to make a new one. One spot was an amalgam of retro music styles ranging from the 50s big band to the 90s boy band. And one spot was a new song made up of sound effects from recycled materials: glass bottles clinking, newspapers tearing, milk jugs knocking together and more.

The Rhythm of Recycling

We further proved Bestway Disposal’s dedication to recycling by teaming up with another Colorado Springs resident passionate about turning old into new. We filmed a documentary-style video about Jim Marsh, a local artist and musician who creates instruments out of junk like hubcaps, gas cans, license plates and more. We followed his journey of turning an old military box into a guitar and then got to play audience to his bluegrass band, where each member played an instrument of Jim’s creation.

Turning Old Into New Results

All campaign creative led to our newly designed Bestway Disposal website, which features patterns of recycled materials like glass bottles and newspaper. Nearly half of all online goal completions on the website are due to paid advertising efforts that exclude existing customers and focus on new customer conversion. Our “Clip Show” radio spot was a finalist in the national Radio Mercury Awards and our radio campaign took Top Honors in The One Club for Creativity Denver show for both writing craft and broadcast advertising. And out of 1,170 site sessions on Pandora, 1,061 sessions generated were new users. The “Jim’s Junk Jam” video also captivated audiences and won silver at The One Club for Creativity Denver show. On average, users are making it through 68% of the long-form video, well above the average view through rate of 30%, with a total of 112,641 views through September. The video has also opened up new gigs for the recycled band in business events around the city, including Bestway Disposal’s 50th anniversary party. Our Giving Garbage a Good Name campaign resonated with both the Bestway Disposal legacy and their old and emerging fans around Colorado Springs. Not bad for a little trash company.