Never Miss a Moment with Cochlear

We are so proud to have created a digital environment that lets viewers experience what Cochlear Americas is all about.

Inspired by target segmentation work, the creative used on the landing page is emotionally engaging while presenting the product in an inspiring way. The message we wanted to communicate wasn’t that hearing loss was something cumbersome or only affecting the elderly, but an opportunity to enhance your life and live it more fully by introducing the category of hearing implants. There is so much to experience in life, don’t you want to explore every moment of it?

Given that we were speaking to an older audience with hearing issues, we were up against a few challenges. First, people generally do not understand the difference between hearing aids and hearing implants, so there needed to be an element of education. We also needed to communicate in a way that plays off the audience’s zest for life – nothing could feel old or boring.

The new landing page hits on all of these points by showing that people with hearing loss may not be experiencing the moments of their life at 100%. But, by adding clarity to everyday experiences with the use of a cochlear implant, life becomes richer. To show how Cochlear Implants can make this a reality for consumers, the landing page features a seemingly normal family picnic at the park. The user can interactively toggle between experiencing the picnic with or without the clarity that a Cochlear Implant can provide to show how an implant can positively impact everyday moments.


Vladimir Jones

- Author -

Vladimir Jones