Is Programmatic media buying right for you?

Last year, media buyers spent 38% of their digital ad budgets programmatically; this year that number will be closer to half, about 46%. (Source: Advertiser Perceptions)

We’ve evolved with programmatic technology and realize the value in a varying mix of digital buying tactics. Vladimir Jones now has the ability to buy digital media directly from the open ad exchanges, offering our clients new options in audience targeting, data management, efficiency and control of their campaigns. This is possible through our partnership with The Trade Desk (TTD), a buy-side platform providing access to all RTB inventory for display, video, social and mobile.

Why Is VJ Offering Programmatic Buying for Our Clients?

VJ continues to explore and engage with emerging technology that can help our clients continue to flourish in this ever-evolving space. With digital and traditional media channels now being offered through various types of programmatic buying, we have engaged a trading desk platform to further develop the following:

  • Efficiency in buying
  • Leadership positioning for our clients
  • Control of data
  • Agile optimization
  • Enhanced targeting options
  • Improved campaign integration
  • Brand safety and viewability
  • Early adoption leading to traditional and digital media convergence

In a seemingly endless flow of emerging platforms, ad options and technology enhancements, it’s no wonder there can be more than one effective tactic toward an advertiser’s goal. Is programmatic buying an appropriate element in your digital mix? Please reach out to us and we’d be glad to discuss.


Jon Bross

- Author -

Jon Bross

Media Director