Getting Comfortable with High-Quality Dentistry

By Jose Castaneda-Martinez, Account Executive

This is not a blog post about the reasons not to go to the dentist. We all have them: cost, discomfort, the noise, inconvenient scheduling.


This is a blog post about a dental franchise that’s different. Comfort Dental talks the talk and walks it, making high-quality dentistry accessible to all. And how?


  • Easy booking options
  • Convenient locations
  • Flexible hours, like evenings and Saturdays
  • Affordable prices 


Comfort Dental also makes it easier to be a dentist. The company has been helping dental grads and established professionals work toward dental greatness for over 40 years. And how?


  • Better work-life balance
  • Accelerated paths to paying off student loans
  • Community involvement


So when Comfort Dental came to us with two critical asks—increasing patient bookings and promoting franchising with high-quality dentists in 10 states—we answered. 


We answered with comfort, naturally. 




And here’s how it’s going.

The campaign is up and running like an Olympic sprinter. Or maybe it’s more like a biathlete (yeah, one of those people who competes at cross-country skiing and target shooting) given the results with patients and with high-quality dentists. In February 2022, the work delivered: 

  • 13.8 million impressions
  • 4,538 online appointment bookings 
  • 40 dentist partnership forms submitted, an increase of more than 17% YoY


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