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Uncover Your Different

Authentic connections increase demand.

We’re drawing more people to visit Santa Fe and stay longer.

Is it synergy, or magic? Shortening the ramp from work start to campaign launch to just 12 weeks requires fluid communication, watertight agreement on business objectives, and trust. We’re fortunate to have it all with TOURISM Santa Fe as we work together to increase overall visits, attract new visitors, and encourage people to stay longer. To produce Uncover Your Different, we hired influential photographers and creative professionals who hadn’t yet seen Santa Fe, or at least not all of it, to capture their own experiences in the area. These real, unfiltered moments infuse the campaign with a rare emotive resonance, strengthen Santa Fe’s “The City Different” positioning, and intrigue and invite people to learn more. Just five months in, via a Facebook brand lift study, we recorded a 14% increase in favorability, +12% in willingness to recommend and +27% in ad recall. All of these figures triple travel industry benchmarks.


An intentionally unorthodox campaign that delivers.

How Culture Reacted

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