Industry: Higher Education, Nonprofits
Agency Role: Digital and Strategy

American Indians have very limited, hard-fought opportunities for and access to higher education. For several decades, the American Indian College Fund has provided institutional funding and direct scholarships to counteract this unfortunate reality. Yet, there remains an awareness and involvement gap among the general public. And bridging that gap means simultaneously acknowledging philanthropy fatigue—i.e., in this world of endless need, it’s shortsighted to guilt people into caring about a cause—and the need for a universally accepted yet flexible story.

  • Research-based message, strategy and targeting pivots
  • Proactive management of paid digital and social 
  • Transparent reporting with client and partner agencies

Key Stats

increase in email subscriptions
increase in donations
increase in the rate of donations

This work is proof that asking the right questions, especially the tough, uncomfortable ones, ultimately leads to truth. And truth makes all the difference.

We transitioned from the “Because…” campaign to the “Justice Is” campaign to address rising, collective questions about equity and social justice while staying true to the organization in putting students first. In “Justice Is,” we highlight the goals of Native students and how their education will enable systemic change and healing for themselves and their communities. We continue to be nimble and pivot our messaging as necessary to highlight how supporting education is absolutely critical for Native students. Native Americans are relevant changemakers—for themselves, for their communities, for all of us.