Sierra Nevada Brewing Company

Sierra Nevada Brewing Green German Hat


Getting “social” during COVID-19.

We created community and drove sales in a weird time.

What’s left of a tradition that involves large crowds, live music and sharing beers with friends in a year when it’s just … not happening?

Well, as it turns out, a lot. And we had a blast supporting Sierra Nevada Brewing Company’s virtual Oktoberfest Haus Party in 2020. We took to social for marketing the craft brewery’s seasonal beer and online community featuring recipes, live music, and a map to help with your beer run.

With #ProstLikeaPro, we infused social feeds from Chico, CA, to Pittsburgh, PA, with humor and lighthearted, polka-tracked fun...

A German tongue twister

Shower beers (we’re not judging)

Beer bottles in hats

Wiener dogs (in hats, of course!)

The idea of all of it being, wherever you are, you can still prost. Or “cheers,” if you rather.