Saving Water

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Pivoting campaign production amid coronavirus restrictions.

There’s no delaying
the start of summer.

Early in 2020, in partnership with Colorado Springs Utilities, we’d planned to cast and film educational videos with live actors to promote community adoption of new municipal water-conservation measures for the summer watering season.

When our original strategy became impractical in light of Colorado’s stay-at-home and social-distancing restrictions to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we still had to produce and execute the advertising campaign on time for the municipal utility company. So we responded quickly, shifting timelines, production partners and scripts, and created animated videos for broadcast TV, connected TV, and social media. We also carried over the revised creative approach for digital display, out of home, print and radio.

Trust and open communication with a long-term client partner made the quick pivot possible. And the campaign was in market on June 1, as planned.

Colorado Springs Utilities wanted to give people ample time and ideas to adjust their watering schedule as new water-wise rules went into effect. When everyone waters responsibly, especially in semi-arid environments, we take care of this shared and limited resource for ourselves, our neighbors and our rivers.

And, the good news is, it’s working.


How Culture Reacted


Acre-feet of water saved in first six months

1 %

Average video completion rate in paid social

1 m