Industry: Healthcare
Agency Role: AOR

In most dental advertising, neither the dentists nor the dental patients look real. These campaigns lack empathy and personality, so it makes sense why people don’t engage, or at least not for very long. There are no grounds for a long-term patient-provider relationship. 

After achieving year-over-year increases in site traffic and online appointment bookings in our first year as AOR for Comfort Dental, we’re taking on a similar mission in year two, albeit with significant, helpful insights on target audience behaviors. And we’re speaking directly to real people about their real, live dental denial–empathically and with humor.

  • Full-service creative
  • Target customer persona development
  • Market-specific media strategy for national brand

Key Stats

Increase in online appointment bookings YoY
Clicks from YouTube TrueView campaign that served 24.8M impressions
Increase in dentist partnership form submissions YoY

Dental denial takes many shapes. People convince themselves that they don’t want or need dental care because it’s inconvenient for scheduling or proximity reasons; that it’s painful and/or expensive; or that their problem is too complex or not that bad (yes, both). Comfort Dental addresses all of these. For once, it’s the dentist that’s opening wide and saying “Ahhh…” That’s a fundamental shift in the patient-provider relationship.