Industry: Energy & Utilities
Agency Role: AOR

Colorado Springs Utilities has a problem shared by many other utilities throughout the country—no one really understands how their electricity, natural gas or water ends up in their home, they just want it all to work! And if it doesn’t, then, by gosh, it’s a problem. 

At VJ, we call this consumer paradox the “life, liberty and mylightsturningonthesecondIwantthemto” conundrum. So, how do you get consumers to care about something they don’t really understand, and engage with a brand that they typically only consider when something goes wrong (e.g., during an outage or when the bill arrives)?

  • Multi-year strategy
  • Full-service creative direction
  • Integrated media planning & buying

Key Stats

increase in brand favorability since 2017
annual pledge sign-ups goal garnered in first 3 weeks
total views of Change the Current employee videos

Focus on the future.

“Today We Work for Tomorrow” is a long-term multimedia campaign that portrays Colorado Springs Utilities’ work to ensure reliable and safe electric, natural gas, water and wastewater services for generations to come. This campaign is a living, breathing recognition of the diligence and dedication that go into sustaining our community’s essential services.

Post-campaign awareness research indicated that our work created a sense of community pride among residents, one that extended beyond the utility company and bordered on community boosterism.