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Helping a utility company connect with its community.

The momentum
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It goes without saying that most people don’t think about their utility companies very often, if at all. Perhaps only once a month when reviewing their energy usage or paying their bill. But every day, Black Hills Energy is there in the background ... and ready. So in this fast-growing utility company’s first-ever campaign to boost brand awareness, we brought forward the stories of three customers who are pursuing their dreams with the quiet yet unwavering support of Black Hills Energy. Travis McConnell is an accomplished chef who is leading the sustainable food movement in his home community of Bentonville, Arkansas. Klara “Belle” Kowar of Woody Creek, Colorado, is a nationally competitive teenage ice dancer. And TJ Saddler is a singer, musician and music producer in Lincoln, Nebraska. Two rounds of post-launch research show that the company’s customers find the ads relevant and informative, especially when paired with energy efficiency messaging. The audience also finds them inspirational, supportive and community minded.


The Ready campaign is a foundation for growth.

How Culture Reacted

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Increase in unaided
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