Brands We Love: Comfort Dental

By Meredith Vaughan, Chief Executive Officer

Which trends in dentistry have the greatest potential to positively impact the most people?

There’s an answer that applies across health care, and it centers on how advancements in digital imaging, technology and equipment will enhance dental care. But that’s answering only part of the question.

Dr. Heath Colledge, dentist and vice president of marketing at Comfort Dental, filled in the gaps. “Our goal has always been and will continue to be increasing access to affordable dental care,” he said.

He went on to say that even with the intrigue and potential improvements offered by emerging technologies, they still may not demonstrably advance care to warrant the investment required. Which brings us back to the company’s mission of increasing access to affordable dental care. Comfort Dental exists to achieve this goal, at scale, while also simplifying the business side of being a practicing dentist.

When you’re a Comfort Dental franchisee, you’re a partner in your practice from day one, with the clinical, financial and operational autonomy to match. But that doesn’t mean you’re all business and no patient care. It’s quite the opposite.


Comfort Dental lessens the practice-management headaches. In fact, its founder Dr. Rick A. Kushner is known nationwide for his “Lean & Mean” practice management philosophy, covering everything from what to spend on overhead and hiring to hazardous waste disposal and the “Sensational Seven,” a set of core traits that dentists should have or learn to succeed.

This influential lecture library is available to every Comfort Dental dentist. And perhaps more importantly, it’s the foundation of operations for every practice within the network.

With 180+ locations across 10 states, the company leverages economies of scale to save practices money on essential supplies and equipment. The company also supports all of its locations with marketing and, for all but one state, manages a reduced-fee dental membership called the Gold Plan. The plan, although not an insurance policy, is a tangible extension of the company’s commitment to increase access to affordable dental care.

Another reason dentists choose to be part of Comfort Dental is that, at each practice, you’re one of at least two providers. So if and when you’re away, the doors are still open. And mouths, too, for that matter.

Now, back to those mouths. They’re part of fellow human beings, who typically have routine dental needs (and yes, emergencies happen!), and that’s exactly where Comfort Dental specializes.

Comfort Dental’s bread and butter is bread and butter—they do general dentistry, efficiently, at a high volume. And they don’t price anyone out of treatment. In fact, Comfort Dental is proud to be one of the largest dental providers for patients with Medicaid.

Regardless of how patients pay, Comfort Dental strives to make dental care more convenient by offering evening and weekend appointments (in addition to weekdays) so people can make dental care fit their schedules. Patients also get used to having clear conversations about treatment plans and associated costs directly with their dentist.

We love Comfort Dental for its decades-long track record of increasing access to affordable dental care, and helping people feel more at ease at every point in the process. And we love the brand for how it enables dentists to practice at their best, which is really the best for patients too.

If you’re a dentist reading this blog post and you want to learn more about being a Comfort Dental dentist, here’s where to start. Patient? We encourage you to get comfortable—find your new dentist today.

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